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Supply chain logistics solutions
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Zhejiang Qibei Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

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Add: 6403, Yitao e-commerce Park, building 6, Fenghua enterprise, 158 Changxing Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo

Zhejiang QIBEI is a joint venture of supply chain related company. It has several business units  production bases. It has its own R&D team  marketing service system. It can offer all kinds of services, such as, management consulting, information software, logistics equipment, production facilities, third-party logistics warehousing, third-party manufacturing, customer-made automation, concentrating purchasing, facility leasing.  technical transformation, etc, It has successfully reduced cost  improved efficiency for all kinds of companies. Each year, they can help these companies to lower the logistics  manufacturing cost by milions of dollars. Over the years, it has led the development of its fields,  served customers all over the world. It commits to giving customers with ' one-stop supply chain solution.