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Delixi Electric Co., Ltd

2020-04-29 00:00:00
Delixi Electric Co., Ltd

Relying on technological innovation, Delixi continuously provides customers with high-quality products services. Delixi has been approved to set up a post doctoral research station to tackle key frontier issues. It has a national enterprise technology center of peer manufacturing enterprises, has won the national science Technology Progress Award for three times. Delixi Electric products serve more than ten major projects foreign aid projects in national defense, metallurgy, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry other key industries. They have successfully assisted the "Shenzhou", "Chang'e" "Beidou" satellite navigation system projects, have made contributions to China's aerospace industry, have been rated as the "Tiangong-1 / Shenzhou-8 first rendezvous docking mission contribution unit". Delixi has made great efforts to fulfill the enterprise mission of "reporting to human beings striving for the future", accumulatively donating more than 200 million yuan to the society for poverty alleviation, supporting education, charity environmental protection

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According to the learning theory, people have understood the internal letter concept of e-commerce supply chain logistics management methods, the development of reliable logistics supply chain service strategy the international cutting-edge practical activities, understood the basic principle of risk exchange rate reduction appreciation the necessity of independent innovation of business operation mode. In "economic development globalization" "freight logistics across national boundaries", the market demand is increasingly fierce In the natural environment consumers require professional logistics supply chain services to continue to change, vertical integration horizontal integration, enterprise merger, recycling, outsourcing other countermeasures management decisions. Contract management strategy, the company centralizes resources, cultivates its core competitiveness, vigorously promotes the key main business, makes the main business bigger, steadily develops improves, strives to realize the freight logistics business outsourcing contracting business strategy with external companies all over the world, so as to participate in China economic globalization with the overall advantages of all supply chain management.