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Aux Group Limited

2020-04-29 00:00:00
Aux Group Limited

In 2017, the company has a total of RMB 2.459 billion in business tax, with total assets of RMB 2.459 billion. Seven manufacturing bases have been built in Ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Brazil Indonesia, the eighth base in Ma'anshan. Oakes air conditioner ranks the third in the industry; smart meter power box industry; 23 Medical Institutions under construction operation.

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In comparison with overseas capitalist countries, reliable logistics supply chain is a common phenomenon, which can serve the problems of low management ability poor management methods. This problem is mainly manifested in the low asset turnover rate, large inventory, large capital occupation fee, imperfect supply chain management system, lack of marketing strategy so on. For example, in China, the turnover rate of liquid assets of companies is only 1.62 times / year, while that of British German enterprises is 8 times / year, that of Japanese enterprises is more than 7 times / year. In capitalist countries, the ratio of the total value of finished products to China's gross national product is only 1%, while in China, the ratio of logistics supply chain services is 37%. There are many reasons for the low management ability of Chinese companies. Besides the short history of China's market economic system the lack of sound management mechanism of market economy system, the most important reason is that many companies in our country have low management ability The leading group of high-rise residential buildings of the company lacks the concept of modern management methods innovative spirit, does attach great importance to the management scheme introduced.


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