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Solution of flexible dispensing assembly line

2020-04-29 00:00:00
Solution of flexible dispensing assembly line

Functional features

(1) Visual dispensing robot: it can customize the visual dispensing robot according to the product size dispensing process requirements of users, support three axis four axis dispensing;

(2) CCD visual positioning: the product can be placed on the assembly line at any angle, visual positioning dispensing;

(3) Mixing dispensing: the product style is identified by CCD vision, the corresponding product template is automatically called for dispensing;

(4) Tracking dispensing: for products with small amount of dispensing short trajectory, it can support the products to move on the assembly line track dispensing;

(5) Easy feeding of workpiece: as long as the product is roughly flat at the feeding position, it can be manually loaded, robot fed, connected with the previous assembly line;

(6) Product switching method: when users switch products, they only need one key switch of software interface;

(7) High technology content: CCD vision positioning, flexible manufacturing robot, beautiful high-grade, can be visited by customers.

Network optimization information:

In the 1980s, some parts of the world began to use network technology to operate supply chain management. However, due to professional limitations, it is clear that many intelligent logistics supply chain service providers in China still make intelligent intelligent supply chain management systems by hand. Under the geographical environment of supply chain management scheme, enterprise logistics freight transport activities are still social economic development Although the core value of supply chain management has been introduced in China for a long time, the main body of the activity, professional optimization professional service have begun to take shape The supply chain has long attracted the attention of the basic knowledge product circles for its remarkable effect, but it is still quite different the global bourgeois countries in practical application. This has prevented the rapid development trend of logistics enterprises in China to a great extent, hurt the actual economic benefits of the supply chain. The management level of the supply chain is also affected by the high-level talents The harm of enterprise management performance evaluation. At present, in China, the vast majority of professional logistics supply chain service providers' organizational structure is established in the majority of post responsibility management authority. This kind of organizational structure has clear division of labor is easy to manage. However, the information in the machinery manufacturing industry is commodity circulation enterprises. Each department attaches great importance to its own interests promotes all enterprises to reflect the market sales, which is effective The requirement of supply chain management, most enterprises in China have set up supply chain management enterprises, but the number of funds allocated is less, the structural characteristics of the supply chain is in a relatively defective visibility.