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Flexible transfer production line solution

2020-04-29 00:00:00
Flexible transfer production line solution

Core equipment

(1) Main control equipment: receive production orders, manage production parameters, automatically switch production lines.

(2) Robot loading unloading: it can be equipped with visual recognition positioning system to guide the robot to load unload.

(3) Visual dispensing robot: visual recognition positioning product position, automatic production dispensing trajectory, online dispensing.

(4) Screw locking robot: Online locking screw, using servo tightening gun, can set, real-time monitor save torque value.

(5) Appearance inspection equipment: visual photography, identification detection of product quality, abnormal alarm, production records, for traceability.

(6) Performance test equipment: test equipment performance parameters, abnormal alarm, production records for traceability.

(7) Marking labeling equipment: marking, labeling scanning records before product packaging.

Network optimization information:

the traditional point of view, freight logistics is regarded as a supporting unit for the production manufacturing of the processing manufacturing industry. However, reliable logistics supply chain service providers have changed the lean production mode of modern enterprises, that is, mass production to key production on-time production. In this situation, warehouse management includes purchase supply It is necessary to change the operation method, supply purchase on time. The instantaneity of consumers' requirements requires that the company can deliver the goods to the meeting in the shortest time, so as to improve the company's response ability to meet the sales market. All of these require that the company's logistics management system has the ability of cooperative adjustment of manufacturing system software, so as to enhance the sensitivity adaptability of professional logistics supply chain service providers Transportation logistics is a traditional problem to ensure the continuity of the processing process, but to give full play to the key role in the supply chain.