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Online visual laser marking solution

2020-04-29 00:00:00
Online visual laser marking solution

Functional features

(1) Any multi product template can be saved, which can be called directly during production;

(2) The marking track is captured automatically by CCD vision, which is simple, convenient high precision;

(3) Without fixture, as long as it is flat, the product can be placed at any angle;

(4) It can be directly connected with the front rear production lines, the vibrating plate can be used for feeding;

(5) After marking, it can automatically detect output alarm reject signal for non marked workpiece;

(6) Reduce the marking operation workers, reduce the staff increase efficiency.

Network optimization information:

Of course, the entity model has become a flash point after the entity model. After the customer selects the goods according to the guidance requirement guidance of the customer intelligent logistics supply chain, it starts the supply chain management by collecting the intelligence data of the intelligence logistics supply chain price period in the market sales, the retail stores create the automatic stock preparation regulations to the logistics distribution center. The logistics distribution center creates automatic stock preparation regulations to the manufacturer, then the manufacturer will send the goods to the retail stores in advance. The logistics distribution center adopts cross warehouse work to reduce the warehousing time, so that the goods can be delivered to the retail store quickly. Naturally, it can provide customized products services for consumers, which makes it quickly integrate into the trend of social development, greatly improves the competitiveness of enterprises. However, the cost of responding to customized requirements is also very high. To a certain extent, it greatly slows down the opportunity for products to go to the market, which is also a great risk for the company. Of course, we can see the real case of the sales market at this stage.