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The innovation of management technology hastens the reform of supply chain logistics management

2020-04-30 09:17:44

·The contemporary supply chain is a kind of integrated optimization system concept, a variety of management methods dedicated to the partial optimization of supply chain management are technical. The innovation of management technology hastens the reform of supply chain logistics management, which has appeared before, such as ERP, EDI, JIT fine management.

·Modern professional logistics supply chain automation which is good? Supply chain is the advanced stage of the inevitable trend development trend of the partial optimization of supply chain management. The failure of the company's actual supply theme activities shows an improved indoor space for the supply chain

·The existence of unnecessary inventory, ineffective delivery other aspects of luxury waste in supply chain management is shocking. According to Johnson v. Delaney( RobertV.Delaney )The logistics situation report was published,管理技术的创新催生供应链物流管理变革

In 1997, American enterprises spent 862 billion US dollars on related supply theme activities, which is about 10% of British GDP. This includes a lot of luxury waste.

·According to the analysis of authoritative experts, according to a more reasonable development strategy of supply chain management, the food grocery industry can save about 30 billion US dollars, equivalent to 10% of its annual operating cost. Professor of Internet freight logistics in Ohio State University BernardJ.LaLonde The definition is "supply chain refers to all reliable logistics of products the initial purchase of raw materials to the final consumption. The supply chain automates the whole process of freight logistics related information flow advertising to create show additional use value for consumers."

The national industry standard logistics terminology of the people's Republic of China defines the supply chain as "planning the business flow, freight logistics, information flow, advertising, cash flow, etc. in the supply chain management by using computer network technology, carrying out plans, institutions, harmony manipulation."