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How to understand the connotation of supply chain logistics management?

2020-04-30 09:20:18

The extension of supply chain is often learned with the emergence of new management methods, technicality management mode. How to understand the connotation of supply chain logistics management?

·The key of the initial supply chain is closely around the enterprise. In response to the increasingly accelerated transformation of the external market environment, the company uses innovation management technological innovation to reflect the accelerated change of environmental factors. The more typical brand logistics supply chain automation price is the emergence of management methods such as JIT, all-round quality control, e如何理解供应链物流管理的内涵?xtensible manufacturing, MRP MRPII, which improves the company's workflow improves the company's ability to respond to changes. In this link, the relationship between companies in supply chain management is the traditional business association between companies. ·Since then, the automation price of reliable logistics supply chain has been further aggravated with the market demand. The price of professional logistics supply chain automation has realized that with the improvement of internal control management of the company, it is impossible to achieve the predicted management objectives. It is necessary to enhance the freight logistics cooperation among the companies to complete the crisis management of the sales market. The emergence of ERP makes the company pay more attention to the relationship with dealers other related parties while improving the internal workflow. In this link, the key link between the company reflects the harmony cooperation of the freight logistics industry.

·After the 1990s, with the development trend of information technology the aggravation of market competition caused by the globalization of economic development, the relationship between supply chain management companies continues to advance, the market demand gradually evolves the market competition between companies to the market competition between supply chain management supply chain management. In this link, the business strategy as the key way of partner association is generally created. Business strategy will become the key existence mode of supply chain management in the 21st century.