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Comparison between supply chain logistics management logistics management

2020-04-30 09:22:58

The term freight logistics first appeared in the UK.

In 1915, Archie Shaw used physical distribution in his book some problems in market circulation. Comparison between supply chain logistics management logistics management

After the Second World War, freight logistics has been a long-term development trend. The term freight logistics is a professional logistics supply chain automation price has gradually evolved physical distribution to logistics.

According to the definition of the Council of logistics management, the management method of logistics is供应链物流管理和物流管理的比较

"In order to consider the requirements of consumers, plan, implement manipulate the raw materials in the middle of customers after the starting ending points, the reasonable inventory of automated products in the brand logistics supply chain, the liquidity storage of goods in stock the related information content." The definition of supply chain management was put forward much later than freight logistics

·In 1982, case Oliver( KeithR.Oliver ) mccor Weibull( MichaelD.Webber )"Supply chain management: the renewal strategy of logistics" was published in the Journal of "observation", which clearly put forward the name of "supply chain" for the first time.

·Reliable logistics supply chain the emergence of automated supply chain comes the scientific research of warehouse management. In this practical sense, supply chain is the development trend sustainability of warehouse management. In particular, the clear proposal of intelligent logistics integration makes the research fields research methods of warehouse management supply chain similar.