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Logistics management in supply chain environment

2020-05-19 16:13:22


With the improvement of high-tech level economic strength in China, people's living standards have also been greatly improved. Online shopping has become a good way to choose buy things. The requirements for the freight logistics industry chain continue to improve. With the infrastructure construction of electronic devices online shopping platform becoming more more perfect, it is an opportunity challenge for the development planning of freight logistics industry, the requirements for the service level of freight logistics industry chain are becoming more more. In this situation, many experts scholars have clearly put forward the basic theory of supply chain management. Therefore, based on the analysis of natural environment logistics management of supply chain management, this paper expects to show a certain direction for the development trend of logistics management according to the natural environment logistics management of supply chain management.

With the continuous improvement of China's economic system, new things are constantly emerging. In terms of social development trend, many things should also change accordingly. Unchanging things have a very negative impact on the development of a country are easily eliminated by society. This law is applicable to any industry, logistics industry is no exception. The traditional logistics enterprises are clear about the management methods development prospects. The traditional logistics enterprises are at a disadvantage in today's market competition will be replaced by market competition.

1、 Analysis of logistics management under the environment of supply chain management

(1) New development environment

In terms of the development of the current logistics industry, the emergence of the concept of supply chain management has changed the development trend of the traditional logistics industry to a certain extent. The traditional logistics industry has been greatly impacted, thus forming a new logistics management environment. In this kind of new natural environment, the logistics industry has undergone a global change in solving the market competition. various factors in the past, such as time, to the more immediate reasonable market competition, the original freight logistics industry chain system management can consider the current development mode of freight logistics industry chain, so in today's new field, freight logistics should be considered The development trend of the industrial chain the necessary adjustment of the management mechanism can be easily integrated into today's market competition show a lot of breakthrough points for the company's technological innovation.

(2) New development features

In the supply chain management system, the management content of the logistics industry has undergone fundamental changes. In terms of the current development of the logistics industry, information sharing collaborative cooperation have been realized. The main contents are as follows: warehouse management in the whole process of the development design of the integrated information of supply chain management, so as to carry out the purposeful selection distribution of this information, in order to complete the resource sharing of all companies in the supply chain management, to a certain extent, the development trend of the big trend, in a certain level, the integration of the current social resources, in order to limit the use of resources The logistics industry is very important in the construction of a relatively sound collaborative Internet.

2、 The development direction mode of logistics enterprises under the environment of supply chain management

(1) The integrated management form is constructed

In the environment of supply chain management, the traditional management form has been subverted. Under the situation of building integrated management, enterprises can effectively realize the cooperative operation between enterprise management, can eliminate the estrangement between enterprises realize sincere cooperation. For the future development of enterprises, it has a certain role in promoting. Through the perfect logistics management system, the management level can be improved, the scientific management of the physical industry can be realized. The basic construction of comprehensive warehouse management mode can be completed. The mutual development of all companies in the whole industry chain of freight logistics shows a lot of competitive power for the development of freight logistics industry chain. The development of the company can also give full play to the effect of promoting its own development, can find for the company according to the supply chain.

(2) Management with new technology

As mentioned above, if the company wants to complete the warehouse management in the new natural environment, it must abandon the traditional management technology. It is very important to carry out logistics enterprise management by using scientific technological progress. Through the application of new technology, we can realize the real-time synchronization centralized collection processing of data, which can limit the time management of logistics enterprises realize the sharing of information resources. In this case, the information tracking of individual enterprises in the supply chain will be improved, the competitive advantages of enterprises can be effectively integrated, can give full play to its role.

(3) Innovate the service content

In the current supply chain management environment, users' demand for service content has also begun to become diversified. At the same time, logistics enterprises are required to continuously improve their service quality service content. In this case, logistics enterprises should constantly enrich the content of traditional logistics services, break the original rigid service mode, make necessary innovation in the content of logistics services In the new process, we should develop in the direction of taking user demand as the center. By providing more targeted services for users, we can enhance the customer's sense of user experience, provide more valuable suggestions experience for the development of logistics industry. In the process of service innovation, we should strengthen the original service industry service content, so that we can be refined professional It can actively carry out exploratory services, use value-added services to realize the profitability of enterprises, so as to meet the service needs of users