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Four trends of supply chain logistics

2020-05-19 16:17:45


With the vigorous development of new national policies, the level of intelligent system of supply chain will be rapidly improved in the future, the development trend of supply chain will show the following development trends.

First, the "pull" supply chain driven by consumer demand has become the mainstream. Consumer demand will become the whole supply chain activities, then promote personalized customization, characteristic design flexible production. The processing manufacturing industry has changed the method of waiting for feedback in the past, has actively expanded up down to all service project chains, has a stronger overall cognitive ability to the needs of users. With the support of big data intelligent logistics, the "pull" supply chain can increase the "temperature" of the whole chain.

Second, the supply chain structure will gradually evolve into a network structure. In the case of a large amount of flexible supply chain information, the rapid response of a large number of flexible responsive supply chain data will emerge. In the network architecture, each CDN node company will be in several other supply chain management, many of the cross Internet supply chain management methods to produce difficulties.

Third, agility has become an important feature of supply chain. In the Internet era, the trend of individuation fragmentation of consumer demand is increasingly obvious. It is convenient dexterous, pays attention to the crisis management of supply chain management in the transformation of sales market consumer market, that is, rapid product research development, production manufacturing, distributors, filling, supply quick access to market information, so as to ensure the operation of logistics management system when necessary. Flexible agile smart supply chain can only solve the supply demand dilemma, but also effectively alleviate the "bullwhip effect" in the information transmission of the supply chain.

Fourth, "supply chain +" will be widely used. Smart supply chain will break through the traditional micro category of production, procurement, logistics warehousing, extend the traditional supply chain to industrial chains at both ends, realize macro integrated supply chain management with the support of technology big data. In addition, the integration of intelligent supply chain management manufacturing, service items, freight logistics, agriculture animal husbandry, financial industry, information content other manufacturing industries will promote the reform innovation of supplier structure, promote the transformation development of China processing manufacturing industry to intelligent power engineering, trade power engineering to trade power engineering, enhance China's influence in global economic governance Sound force.