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What is the development trend of supply chain management to logistics

2020-05-19 16:19:43


In recent years, with the development trend of China's economy the development of high-tech, the era of information content freight logistics is quietly coming. In order to meet the personalized needs of users, higher higher user experience, as well as the challenge of massive packages in the future, it is imperative to build an information-based logistics supply chain system.

Definition of supply chain logistics management

Supply chain logistics management refers to the logistics management system centered on the core products business of the supply chain. The former key refers to the supply chain logistics management method of key commodity manufacturing, marketing supply of raw materials, such as the logistics management of automobile industry, marketing raw material supply chain management. The logistics management of these two types of supply chain has both similarities differences.

The relationship between logistics supply chain

Supply chain includes logistics, logistics is a part of the supply chain. the source of raw materials production, to the products sold to the final customers, the whole chain together called the supply chain. For example, an enterprise producing raw materials can process semi-finished products transportation company B to C C, transportation company D to e e to process finished products, transportation company f to final customers. a to f is a relatively complete supply chain, a to C can be understood as a sub supply chain. Transportation companies are generally regarded as logistics companies, warehouses are generally regarded as logistics companies. In other words, logistics generally refers to transportation, warehouse, etc., does include production links.

Development trend of supply chain logistics

China's third-party logistics scale continues to grow, supply chain management development space is broad

Third party logistics is the key subject of supply chain management. Supply chain management is also the development prospect of single business process such as warehousing logistics transportation. China's third-party logistics scale continued to expand, reaching US $1491 billion by the end of 2014. The large scale of third party logistics provides a broad space for the development of supply chain management.